Design-Build Offers the Owner Advantages    

Because the design and pricing take place at the same time—with the builder working hand-in-hand with the designer—this approach can help keep a project within budget, and it can shorten preconstruction time on a project with a tight time frame. 

Building expertise is essential in the design-build process. An experienced design-builder with extensive building experience, Childers Construction plays a vital role as a design-build partner. We review the design to ensure constructability, offer options to maximize value within the owner’s budget, and identify solutions that best satisfy the project’s objectives. At the same time, we accurately direct the costs and the schedule, and we establish a detailed and realistic construction plan. 


What Makes It All Work?

Communication and teamwork. Flexibility and cooperation with the design team are critical, and the earlier the collaboration gets underway, the better every team member understands the project and what it will take to meet the client’s needs. And that, after all, is the ultimate objective—and exactly what Childers does best.