Commitment to Sustainable Construction   

Our commitment to sustainability is a daily opportunity to impact the future through responsible practices that are good for the environment, our industry, and our communities. 

We believe that living and building sustainably are necessary for evolving and leading the growth of our industry. The built environment has a tremendous impact on our planet through energy usage, resource consumption, and pollution. It’s our responsibility to minimize these impacts through sustainable design and construction. We continually work to educate our employees and put into place practices that will help us minimize our footprint as a company and a builder. 


Childers Construction Company supports the Design and Construction of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified projects. The goal of this green initiative is to provide cost savings over the life of the building as well as a reduction in environmental impacts. Green buildings succeed by reducing operating costs, enhancing occupant health and comfort, enhancing durability and decreasing maintenance, all at low, added construction costs. 

Childers Construction became a LEED Certified Construction Management Company with Accredited Professionals on staff in February 2008 and have successfully completed numerous LEED Certified projects.