CM @ Risk Offers Owners Certainty of Outcome

By joining the team during the design process, the CM@Risk delivery method helps proactively avoid pitfalls and ensure constructability. 

The Construction Manager at Risk delivery method fosters collaboration and focuses the entire project team (owner, architect and contractor) on finding the best solutions for the project. As a Construction Manager, Childers Construction has the responsibility for coordinating all subcontractor bids and hiring, while guaranteeing owners a maximum price for construction of the project. 

While the owner holds the design and construction contracts separately, Childers Construction serves as the consultant to the owner for both the design and construction phases. 



We Adopt Our Clients' Goals as Our Own and Deliver Optimal Value   

By working in concert with the architect/engineer early on,Childers Construction can offer valuable expertise when it comes to costs, scheduling and delivery methods, saving our owners time and money. Then, throughout the duration of the project, Childers Construction serves as the single point of responsibility for the project’s successful delivery