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Childers Construction Has Been Providing a Variety of Construction Services for Over 50 Years Throughout Northen Florida & South Georgia.

We tailor our services to meet your needs and are most often enlisted for our Construction Management and Design Build Services; however, we also provide traditional General Contracting, Pre-construction Services, as well as U.S. Green Building Council (LEED) Programs.

Our history of success on diverse projects results from having a staff of professionals who not only know how to manage the construction process, but also have the technical understanding of how buildings work.


Every project is viewed as an opportunity to earn your future consideration, to maintain our reputation for excellence and to provide tangible value to the community. It is through our philosophy that we are able to excel above our competition and remain a leader in the industry.

Every job is approached with Professionalism and Personal Attention to:

Proactive Control

Childers’ many decades of experience as a General Contractor leads to the completion of projects on time and within budget. From pre-construction review, pre-qualifying subcontractors, cost estimating, document control, to actual construction, Childers actively manages every level of detail. Childers believes daily monitoring of construction progress and quality by its project managers and superintendents heads off anticipated and unanticipated issues.


Childers enforces its own written safety policy daily. Both the subcontractors’ on-site personnel and company management are required to acknowledge understanding of the plan in writing. Childers’ own independent safety firm periodically inspects and drafts safety reports for each job site as well. Such controls readily translate to Owner savings thru reduced claims, premium costs and construction risk.

Quality Craftsmanship

On-site project managers and superintendents perform daily inspections to confirm work quality, consistency and adherence to the project’s specifications.

Team Focus

Childers works regularly with the project’s Owners, Architects, Engineers, and Consultants. Our team approach sets the example that the doors of communication always stay open to allow for a smoothly run project.

Local Participation

Direct community involvement is key to every project. Childers Construction gives preference to area citizens when hiring and to local suppliers of materials, equipment and services. Childers actively solicits participation of minority, women, and veteran owned businesses.

Diversity & Inclusion Statement - Building a Better Future

At Childers Construction, we are committed to building a culture of acceptance, inclusivity and social responsibility. We believe in equality for all people. We embrace individuality. We know that great ideas, and even greater accomplishments, happen when people of various backgrounds and perspectives come together and listen to each other. 

To support this environment, we have created a Diversity & Inclusion Working Group made up of employees from diverse backgrounds. We want all of our employees to feel valued, respected and empowered to share their experiences and ideas.

Service Details

The Construction Manager at Risk delivery method fosters collaboration and focuses the entire project team (owner, architect and contractor) on finding the best solutions for the project. As a Construction Manager, Childers Construction has the responsibility for coordinating all subcontractor bids and hiring, while guaranteeing owners a maximum price for construction of the project. While the owner holds the design and construction contracts separately, Childers Construction serves as the consultant to the owner for both the design and construction phases.

By working in concert with the architect/engineer early on,Childers Construction can offer valuable expertise when it comes to costs, scheduling and delivery methods, saving our owners time and money. Then, throughout the duration of the project, Childers Construction serves as the single point of responsibility for the project’s successful delivery

The Design-Build method works as a team effort to deliver a cost-effective turnkey project. Owners select the architect and contractor as a team that works in tandem under a single contract with one point-of-contact person for the project. The team effort begins with the concept and permeates the entire project from the design phase through construction to completion. In addition to saving time and money, it promotes collaboration between the owners, designers and builders.

In the traditional 'hard bid', engineering and architectural design services are clearly separated from construction services. The project is 100% designed prior to bidding. The key benefit is that contractors competitively bid to ensure the lowest price. Childers Construction’s experienced estimating team takes pride in being thorough, utilizing the latest construction estimating software, to propose a complete high quality product at the right price.

When Childers Construction serves as a Program Manager, we act as the agent for the owner, establishing budgets, schedules, coordination, procedures and policies for the project. This partnership between the owner and Program Manager helps control costs, while keeping the project on schedule from beginning to completion.

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